Week 3 of triathlon training: ‘You can’t stand up in the Quays Sam’

By Samsays
February 3, 2019
5 min read

‘I’m shit at swimming, I don’t own a bike and I can’t run for shit’

I have just 24 weeks to go until I compete in a full-blown triathlon – the daft sod didn’t even sign up for a sprint triathlon.

So that’s a 1.5km swim in the Salford Quays, a 40km bike ride and a 10km run – I don’t even think I’ve completed any of those distances across my entire life. 

So how did week 3 go? I’ve been a bit de-motivated I’ll be honest, last week I was a bit of a let down, I then went on a very cute little cabin holiday and if I was being honest I simply just couldn’t be arsed.

The Hop Cabin – holiday blues

It’s been snowing, it’s fucking freezing, dark and I had to cram all of my client sessions into a much shorter week – so the motivation was bound to be low.

My pep talk from Coach Craig

And that was that, I went swimming.

The thing is, I know what I’m like – I wasn’t telling Craig that I didn’t want to go because I wanted him to say it was okay, I was telling him so he’d tell me to go – because for me it’s that simple, sometimes I just need someone to be accountable to, the same way my clients come to me.

And I really don’t want to be eaten by a shark – so I went swimming, and considering this is only my third session in the pool (I need to be more consistent) I have gone from not even knowing how you breathe underwater, to being able to front crawl 25m at a time for a good 30-40 minutes.

That probably sounds really shit to some of you who can swim like a fish, but for me that’s a fucking great achievement and the only way I’m going to get through this is if I keep telling myself that. 

I’m not always going to love it

I also attempted two lengths that day, AND I DID IT DIDN’T I?!

It wasn’t something you’d see in a movie though, I barely managed it and I felt like I hadn’t taken a breath in hours but I did it.

My next session was another steady paced 45 minute run, and I was actually super stoked for this after receiving some new outdoor kit from the guys at Sports Direct – I don’t know about you but if I ever get new training gear I need to be out in it ASAP.

Genuinely really impressed with the range of kit you can get from Sports Direct

The main reason for my excitement however was due to finally getting a pair of actual running trainers, hoping this would help me run with a little less pain.

Well it didn’t. 

Don’t get me wrong, it felt much better in terms of the way I ran, my foot placement and even the support for my little feet…but the pain was still strong and it’s obviously not going away anytime soon.

Luckily, I’ve now moved to a brand new gym (‘The Gym Works‘) who also have their very own in-house injury clinic with Brad Georgiev who I’m hoping to see next week – I’ll keep you updated on that.

I have to say the biggest achievement for me this week though was finally getting out on my bike today.

Riding along the canal

You may have seen on my story a few weeks ago that I attempted a bike ride when we had ridiculously strong winds and the ride lasted approximately 5 minutes after I was blown into a fence…

Not the best idea I’ve ever had.

I was also a bit nervous about going out today with a lot of ice still on the grounds, but I was fed up of having some kind of excuse for not getting out…so I went for it.


Yes I look like a twat


There was ice everywhere, I didn’t actually know how to use the gears on my bike, my eyes and nose were running all over my face and cobbles are NOT the one but I genuinely feel so good for it.

Safe to say I got off my bike at this point

So the great news is, I can ride a bike and I actually really enjoy doing it too – so thank god there’s at least 1 of the disciplines I’m not entirely terrible at.


I’ve not been the most consistent with my training, so my goals next week are to be just that – consistent. 

Training during winter is going to be difficult, for anyone, so there’s going to be plenty of occasions where I’d rather just stay indoors but as Coach Craig said ‘If you can get through this shite weather, you’ll come out the other side far stronger physically, and mentally’.

Let’s do this.

Until next time.


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