Week 2 of triathlon training: Kinda ran, kinda swam, kinda cycled

By Samsays
January 29, 2019
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‘I’m shit at swimming, I don’t own a bike and I can’t run for shit’

I’ve told you guys, that’s how I’ll be reminding both myself and anyone who reads these blogs of where I started – I’m going to need it. 

So how has week 2 gone? 

I’ll be honest, I’m feeling a bit ‘meh’ about it all – I haven’t exactly done anything inspirational and I have had a few days of wondering whether I took on too much. 

Bound to happen though – there’s a reason we call these things a ‘challenge’ right?!

Freezing cold, dry skin, shit run – wearing Under Armour from Sports Direct

In terms of training this week, I actually only managed 3 of the 6 sessions I was supposed to do – and two of them I had to do on one day due to my schedule. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to plan ahead – I am literally scheduling my training into my diary so I can see exactly where I need to be and for how long (highly recommended if you’re running your own business too). 

The first training session was supposed to be a super steady 45 minute run – which sounded fairly straight forward and something I could handle.

Safe to say I’m still shit at running, I didn’t manage anywhere near 45 minutes and it was painful, however this one was slightly better than the last.

Tracking my movements – Garmin Vivomove HR

I made sure I was better prepared for this run, I was fuelled with the right food, the day before I only trained an upper body session and I mentally prepared too.

I didn’t sprint off the way I usually would and started off with a super steady pace, I almost felt like I wasn’t moving I’ll be honest.

I ran consistently for longer but not without pain, the outer side of my knee has not enjoyed running ever since I snapped my Achilles (I have a wonky leg) so this is something I have to get fixed ASAP.

However, I had a good run by the side of the canal with loads of super cool graffiti and it was actually quite nice.

Running alongside the canal has its perks – wearing Under Armour from Sports Direct

It was cold, it snowed the minute I finished and my lips were dry as fuck with skin falling off (as you can clearly see) but I did it.

Later that day, after a few sessions with my clients, I completed my FIRST BIKE RIDE.

This technically should have been my 2nd attempt at trying to get out on my bike…then it snowed, and as much as I hate an excuse, it wasn’t safe for that to be my my first proper ride on a bike in years – point was proven the last time I tried when I literally got blown into a fence thanks to some super strong winds.

This time however I wasn’t going to sack the ride off completely, so I agreed to sticking in two sessions in one day and took to a spin bike at the gym.

My first bike ride – wearing Under Armour from Sports Direct

The session was just a simple 45 minutes on the bike – an endurance ride and although I did it in the safety of a spin room, I’m feeling confident that the bike probably won’t be my hardest challenge.

I completely appreciate I haven’t yet done this on a real bike, outside, with gears, weather and all the rest of the shit I have to think about, but it’s a start – it felt good and I’m going to take every success I can right now.

A small success

I quickly realised however that getting off the bike and straight into a run is going to HURT – balls.

I was feeling proper chuffed after that though and a little more positive, despite the shit run and a 45 minute bike ride.

My next mission was to get back into the pool after my swimming lesson, to attempt to put what I had been taught into practice. 

I took myself to the Virgin Active at Salford Quays (after Cal hadn’t stopped banging on how glorious the sauna was) and I have to say it was bloody lovely – at £15 for a day pass though I’m going to need to pick a place to swim and sign up I reckon.

Pre-before-I-look-like-a-twat-in-my-cap selfie – wearing Speedo from Sports Direct

I go into swimming knowing full well not to expect much, and I know that may seem daft to some of you, but when you’re as competitive as I am, being a novice at anything is a struggle – so I’d rather going in knowing I’ll be pretty shit, then whatever I achieve will be a bonus. 

I swam several full lengths…now I might not have swam several lengths in a row, but I did manage to do 30 minutes of full lengths (with rests in between).

It’s not great, but it’s still progress at least.

My problem is, when I start to get tired my instinct is to push harder, but now I need to switch my brain to endurance and work on technique so I can carry on swimming.

I met a lovely elderly lady who’s name I did not get, she asked me where my ‘helmet’ was from (so cute) and I even taught her how to breathe underwater with a front crawl.

So I might still be shit at swimming, but I did manage to help another.

I put off doing any more running that week as I was desperate to go and get myself a gait analysis. A gait analysis looks at the way you run so you can choose the right trainer for you – highly recommended if you’re going to be running on a regular basis.

Gait analysis at Up and Running – Deansgate

I was told I had a mid-heel strike which meant I was placing the middle of my heel (funny that) down first, and that I needed a fair amount of support with the old achilles injury. 

I was recommended either the Brooks Ghost 11 or the Asics Dynaflyt 3 but decided on the Asics purely on the look and feel.

Asics Dynaflyte 3 – Sports Direct

I’ve ordered them from Sports Direct Online and hope to receive these soon, so genuinely looking forward to seeing if this will help relieve a little pain when I do run. 

The rest of the week I had a few issues, the main one being a constant headache which would eventually turn into a migraine by the evening – this happened every night.

I only ever get these down to super tight muscles in my upper body and the only way to resolve this is through deep tissue massage to relieve some tension. 

Because of this I didn’t get to train much for the rest of the week – triathlon or weights.

I’ve had a little cabin getaway this weekend too (I’ll blog about that next) so that was it for training this week.

I’m looking forward to getting my sessions in this week but ultimately I have to make sure that when I’m training this much, I’m also looking after my body both mentally and physically. 

I need to be eating enough (which I’m not), looking at mobility, stretching and working on strengthening weak areas such as my ‘weak leg’. 

I have to thank my online coach Craig for the support with all of this, he’s been great at motivating me and encouraging me when I’m feeling a bit shit – good lad.

Things to thing about if I’m going to do this properly. 

Until next time.


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