Week 1 of triathlon training: F*ck me I swam A WHOLE LENGTH

By Samsays
January 21, 2019
5 min read

‘I’m shit at swimming, I don’t own a bike and I can’t run for shit’ 

That quote right there is going to be how I start my blogs from now on, for two reasons:

  1. To remind myself of where I started
  2. For anyone coming in part way through my triathlon journey to sum up where I started (hoping I’ve made some kind of progress by this point)

Well the good news is that progress has been made, and if there’s one thing I’ve told myself at the very start of this is that if I make any kind of progress then we’re on the right track – the only way is up for me (and sideways every now and then). 

This week was the start of my training plan from my online coach Craig who is a bit of a bad-ass when it comes to triathlons and considering I’m an absolute bloody novice, he’s been a top lad so far. 

He also hooked me up with a local lad to teach me how to swim (I can swim, just not very well) – Mark (also been competing in triathlons for 13 years) set me up with a swimming lesson at the Manchester Aquatics Centre where we focused on the breathing technique for the front crawl.

My main issue (quite a big problem) is that I don’t actually know how these people breathe underwater, which is obviously a big requirement unless you’re going to hold your breathe for 1.5km. So we went through a few drills where I would simply, breathe.

Honestly? I felt like a dickhead – but I also know that I need to learn these things and everyone was a newbie at some point, so I kept trying. 

I also know that if I just keep working on it, I’ll get there.

Giving up is NOT an option, especially when I’ve announced to you lot that I’m doing it. 

And guess what? I didn’t give up, Mark was super supportive and eventually ‘I SWAM A WHOLE FUCKING LENGTH’ (25meters but it’s a start).

Got my Speedo cossie for an absolute bargain from Sports Direct

Now I know that doesn’t sound like much considering I’ll be swimming that ONE length x 60 in open water, followed by a 40km bike, followed by a 10k run (remind me why I signed up to this), but once I can learn the basics of the technique, I’ll be able to smash the training and just keep improving from there.

One step at a time.

Next up was the run – for this session I was set the almighty challenge of simply running for 45 minutes.

Nice, easy pace, just running.

Fucked it didn’t I?

Wearing Under Armour’s cold gear range

For years I’ve had a horrible niggle at the side of my knee and it’s mainly down to an imbalance that came about after snapping my Achilles.

I hardly ever run so I’ve managed to avoid this injury for a while now.

But, cause I’m a clever sod I now have 26 weeks to get trained up for a full on triathlon, so it’s time to sort this injury out once and for all.

There’s some good to come out of that session though – I did run 2.9 miles in 30 minutes (I wasn’t trying to be quick), the weather was lovely and I discovered I have quite a nice local park to train at…again, it’s a start.

Running drills before my 2nd run (that didn’t last long at all)

I’m yet to go see someone about my trainers so they can look at the way I run, so I’ll let you know how that goes and what trainers I decide to buy – there’s so many to choose from?!

Now for this week I was supposed to complete the following:

Monday – run

Tuesday – bike

Wednesday – swim

Thursday – run

Friday – rest

Saturday – swim

Sunday – bike

I only managed three of those sessions, the third being another run that was supposed to be 1.5 miles and I only managed 1 mile.

If only my Garmin wasn’t so bloody accurate (add on an extra 15 minutes please mate)

stupidly I trained lower body earlier that day, I was snotty as hell and couldn’t breathe and quite frankly I just stopped) – this was mainly down to the fact that the rest of my week and weekend was super busy (super busy with clients, olympic lifting and a full day of yoga left me with zero time).

Amazing day of Yoga with Akash Yoga

But the main thing to take away from this first week is that it’s ‘just the start’, as I keep saying, and providing I learn from each week and continue to improve…I’ll be happy.

It’s also super important that I take care of my body throughout this journey, as the training is going to be tough, especially when I have such an active job. 

So much goodness on one plate – courtesy of @miss_fightingfit
Food prep at its finest @miss_fightingfit

This means plenty of good food, sleep and stress management to enable my body to recover properly.

Can’t recommend these enough – Westlab Epsom salts

The next week of training will be better because I’m going to plan ahead and make sure I can fit in the training, even if that means moving a few things around – it’s something I tell my clients all of the time, so it’s time to listen to my wise words 😉 

I believe a few of you have also signed up to a triathlon since, so please let me know how you’re getting on – I’d love to hear about your journeys too. 

Until next time.


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