My 8-week transformation with Omni Performance

By Samsays
December 20, 2018
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You might ask, why would a personal trainer need a personal trainer?

Well, unless you’re perfect and know absolutely everything (said no-one ever), everyone could do with a coach, and for many reasons too.

One of them being is that even if I did write myself the ‘perfect’ plan, it’s me who has written it, I have no accountability and shouting at myself isn’t always the best motivational tool in the world. 

So, I roped in Omni Performance to help me out and we set out an 8-week challenge.

What was my goal?

You might think I’m already ‘in shape’, but it’s not always about the physical aspects when it comes to training and nutrition. 

This last few months for me as a personal trainer have been an absolute whirlwind. I’ve gone from an office job, sat on my ass almost all of the time, to 14-hour days of being on my feet, showing movements and exercises to my clients and being ‘switched on’ all of the time.

Tired Sam – Wearing Under Armour

And I really do love my job, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made, but it’s f*cking exhausting – and I was slowly starting to spiral downhill.

My goal was to find a nutrition and training plan that meant I could train hard, work harder, and not feel like a bag of shit every day – I wasn’t asking for much right?!

What was my training and nutrition plan?

I had started to let in some bad habits, and you probably saw them too – I was sharing pictures on social media of massive plates of food, loads of rice, loads of protein, loads of veg – which doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Well no, because actually the food I was eating would give me a short burst of energy, made me feel sluggish and it didn’t take long until I was hungry again.

Cal (Omni Performance) had to put together a training plan that didn’t kill me off and a nutrition plan that would keep me fuelled throughout the day.

This consisted of full body workouts, executed with precision, high reps, minimal rest…in and out. 

With only having 8-weeks to sort my shit out too we also introduced some metabolic and cardio training to give me a boost. This would sometimes be boxing, sometimes it would be the good old stair master aka. the devil, aka. the twat master (clearly I’m not a fan but it’s super effective as a ‘fat loss’ booster).

How did I find the 8 weeks?

I’ll be honest, I struggled – it felt like nothing was going right and there was always ‘something’ that got in the way.

To begin with, I simply couldn’t keep up with the training on top of my hours with my clients. I’d be up at 5am, with 6-7 hours of personal training, plus my shift work (5 hour shifts) and then trying to fit some kind of training each day felt impossible.

This would result in skipping sessions, frustrated because I couldn’t do it, as well as feeling like a bag of shit when my clients turned up – this is a huge NO for me as the service my clients receive has to be the best. And if I feel like a bag of shit, that’s not going to happen. 

The good thing about Cal being a personal trainer (and a good one at that) is that he understands this.

Originally I had an interval training session with the devil that is the prowler (love hate relationship with this bad boy), but this was adding too much stress to my body on top of work and ended up being counter-productive. It was affecting my digestion, my energy levels and pretty much killed me off for the rest of the day – so we switched this out for some low-stress cardio and it was a game-changer.

Wearing Under Armour

This also meant making some adjustments on the nutrition front, throwing in a few snacks in between meals made the world of difference – a bit of Green & Blacks 85% Dark Chocolate, a handful of raspberries and a handful of cashew nuts.

Healthy snacks providing you don’t eat the lot

Depending on my day I would either eat these all in one go or have them as separate snacks to keep the cravings/hunger spells at bay for a little longer.

What about supplements?

Okay, now with supplements this isn’t ever something I’ve relied on – however, my life has changed a huge amount and there’s no harm in giving my body a help in hand.

The important thing to note with supplements is that you can get most of what you need through good foods, this needs to be right before you look at anything else.

Here’s a few things I’ve started to take and why:

  • When I wake up in the morning I take 10g of The Protein Works Super Greens (Apple flavoured) 10g & 5g The Protein Works Amino-NRG (berry blast) – first of all this actually tastes amazing which I was surprised at, but it’s also a boost of greens as well as aminos to help aid recovery and a kick of caffeine to wake me up first thing (5am starts are not easy in the winter)
Use code SAMSAYS25 – The Protein Works Amino-NRG and Super Greens
  • Before or during my workouts I also throw in 20g The Protein Works Dextrose (glucose) and 20g The Protein Works Amino-NRG so I could really go for it when I was training
Westlab Salts Magnesium Salts
  • Before bed I take both Magnesium Glycinate and Ashwaganda (promotes relaxation) around 30 minutes before I go to sleep to help my brain and body relax before I nod off. This has been especially helpful as I can literally feel myself feeling much calmer after buzzing around all day. When I’m getting up in the early hours of the morning and working long days, the sleep I do get is now super important so this puts my mind and body in a nice calm state and my sleep has definitely improved because of it 
Sleep and stress support

How do I feel now?

You might look at my ‘before and after’ and say I didn’t look too bad before, but in all honesty I wasn’t trying to improve my physique as such (if I did it was a bonus), but more about the way I was feeling.

I felt tired, I was lost with how to train, and I was literally a bottomless pit when it came to food (constantly feeling hungry isn’t a good thing) and quite frankly I was more focused on my clients than I was looking after myself.

So I needed guidance. 

It took some time to figure it out, we even had to battle some serious lower back pain which stopped me from training – but because of how many challenges we came across it’s actually taught me a shit load of stuff. 

I’ve realised I was excessively arching whilst training (I’ve always stuck my bum out anyway), I’ve realised my body responds better to a high protein, high fat diet with a healthy amount of carbs and I’ve also learnt how to manage the stress on my body and my mind.

So basically, I’m happier, healthier, stronger AND I can kick ass with my job. 

And the physical results? I did alright you know. 

Yes I look like a twat.

A big thank you to Omni Performance (Cal) for putting up with me. This guy is full of knowledge and is one of the very few trainers who will actually put up with me – so cheers.

Looking after your body is so much more than just the way you look – nutrition, training, sleep, stress management and daily activity all plays a huge part in both your physical and mental health.

How much can you honestly say you know about that?! If it’s not much, it could just be time to invest in a little education that will literally last you a lifetime. 

Until next time.


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